Ulla Ohlson

Ulla Ohlson, born in Dalarna, Sweden 1955. She lets the colour work in flowing watercolour. The different motives show a constant challenging play with intense feelings and deep colour. She paints torsos, cliffs, flowers and objects. Her paintings are not a copy of nature and objects but an explosive intensity of feelings in movements close to abstraction. Ulla Ohlson has had many exhibitions in Europe and is represented in important collections. We are glad to show her first exhibition now at our gallery. Please call or email us for further information and purchase of her works.


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No: 1, size 50x50 cm.  6500kr  

No: 2, size x cm.    

No: 3, size 50x50 cm.  6 500:-  

No: 4, size 50x50 cm.  6 500kr  

No: 5, size x cm.    


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