Mats Månsson

Mats Månsson was born in Sweden in 1945. He is an Art Director to profession but has worked as a free artist for the last twenty years. His work is abstract with an edifying and playful composition with optical effects. He has had many successful exhibitions at our gallery. Please contact us for more information and purchase.


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acrylic on canvas
No: 1, size 35x35 cm.  3500:-  

No: 2, size 115x87 w.f. cm.  5500:-  

acrylic on canvas
No: 3, size 100x80 cm.   Sold  

acrylic on canvas
No: 4, size 100x80 cm.  8500kr  

acrylic on canvas
No: 5, size 100x80 cm.  8500kr

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