Dan Nygårds

Dan Nygårds was born in Sweden 1943. He has been a artist all his life and is highly respected in Scandinavian for his fine art. He lives and work in the north of Sweden. His work is powerful and takes you on a voyage through timelessness and depth. The predominant colouring is grey-black-brown with red overtones. His approach contains all of the ingredients of contemporary conceptual art. His work is represented in many important collections. He has in the past had six very successful exhibitions at Gallery 101. Please contact the gallery for further information about his paintings.


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akrylic on canvas
No: 1, size 57x47 cm.  5000kr  

acrylic on paper
No: 2, size 42x31 cm.  2500:-  

acrylic on paper
No: 3, size 42x31 cm.  2500:-  

acrylic on paper
No: 4, size 28x21 cm.  1800:-  

acrylic on paper
No: 5, size 28x20 cm.  1800:-  


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